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Today, Rich Farms has one of the largest wholesale and retail nurseries in the tri-state area. The field production of pine and deciduous trees and container lots of shrubs and perennials continue to expand. Wholesale yards north and south of the nursery are being planned. Also, design and landscaping offices are now headquartered at the nursery. Each fall, over an acre of pumpkins are resupplied daily from the fields for selection at the nursery, and fresh cut and rooted Christmas trees are also for sale in December.

Each fall, Fright Farm patrons continue to visit and participate in the original production for that year. The tour takes over an hour and includes a one mile haunted ride, a walk through the house grounds, basement and rooms, and through a large maze on the trip back. The event is open during September, for the entire month of October, and accommodates VIP groups in their own area.

Rich’s pumpkin farm is visited by thousands of children and their families each October. The farm includes a barnyard with animals, a maze, and a large play area. Children can choose from a field of pumpkins and go into the barn to decorate and paint them. Adults and children can then take a one mile tractor and wagon ride along the farm trail, decorated with fall and Halloween features to look at an enjoy.

The facilities buildings and areas are modern and perfect to rent for parties, groups, and events. These include two large, open-air pavilions, a finished, enclosed barn used for about any event, and a large facilities building able to house weddings and large events.

Opening new this year is a nature park, available for rental with a large picnic area. The park includes a fishing pond, with our staff assisting the children, a large play area, and a nature walk through the woods. The park is both educational and fun, and will be open to groups all year and for general admission this summer.